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     Sugary Delights

         Old Fashioned Cotton Candy with a Gourmet Twist

Sugary Delights is ideal for a variety of special events and appeals to any audience.  

We customize services based on your specific needs and preferences.  

Whether you want us to spin cotton candy live at your party, 

or you simply want to order some unique party favors with

 our sealed cups filled with your choice of flavors, 

we are sure Sugary Delights Gourmet Cotton Candy 

will make your special occasion even more memorable and fun!

Please allow a minimum of two (2) weeks advance notice on bookings.  

A minimum deposit of $50.00 is required to secure our services.

Out of area surcharges may apply.


Are you planning a special occasion?

Let us bring a flavorful and unique twist to your event.

We offer live spinning of Gourmet Cotton Candy

catering to a variety of events.


For a memorable and one-of-a-kind addition to 

your special event,

contact us today to reserve your date and time!!

Custom packages available.

Why choose Sugary Delights?

We're pretty proud of what we have to offer!

Weddings are among the most important 
events in a couple's life and every
bride and groom wants the perfect wedding.
Why not entertain your guests with 
a unique spin on the open bar concept?
Sugary Delights Gourmet Cotton Candy
offers live spinning at your reception venue, 
adding a special touch to your special day!
Contact us today to reserve our services.
Sugary Delights Gourmet Cotton Candy
has a vested interest in the Rochester area.  

We will gladly support any worthy cause and

will give back 20% of all sales.

Contact us today with details of your fundraising event. 





It's easy to raise funds with Sugary Delights

because we do the work for you!



Looking for a unique party favor?  A tasty gift?  Or a fantastic idea for swag for your corporate event or conference?

Why not surprise your friends, family and associates with cups of delicious Sugary Delights Gourmet Cotton Candy 

- now available in two sizes!

Your choice of any flavors!


Contact us today to place your order and for delivery options.

Please allow 2 weeks advance notice.

and more...

Think of

Sugary Delights Gourmet Cotton Candy

for specialty gift baskets that are great for any occasion. We can take your order for themed gift baskets and sampler baskets filled with a variety of our delicious gourmet and traditional

fun cotton candy flavors.

Order some prepackaged cups in a flavor assortment of choice to use as party favors and we'll deliver in a reusable mesh bag decorated with ribbon and a helium balloon for

your special occasion.   

Gift certificates are also a great idea!